Address :

55 Panait Istrati, 1st district, Bucharest, Romania


About the project

1.What does success look like for you?
Increasing brands awareness and product sales, also gathering users/data we can use for retargeting on channels (Google Facebook, etc)

2.What was going on in your business when you purchased our services?
The other channels we managed internally weren’t enough to reach our objectives, brand awareness was needed.

3.Most valuable thing our services brings to the table, and why?
Premium format and dynamic banners with templates supplied by the agency placed on premium content websites with guaranteed media buying. Better exposure and visibility.

4.What results have you seen because of our services?
The awareness induced by the Display campaigns led to better conversion rates on other channels used in our med
ia strategy.

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Strada Panait Istrati nr. 55,
Sectorul 1, București, România