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55 Panait Istrati, 1st district, Bucharest, Romania

Orkla Foods


1.What does success look like for you?
A successful entrance on the Romanian market, generating quality accounts that convert.

2.What was going on in your business when you purchased our services?
Romanian users didn’t know about the Best Secret of the fashion industry. We were trying to reach, negotiate and work with multiple Romanian media suppliers which was very time consuming not knowing the local background. Also we were struggling with content translation and adaptation.

3.Most valuable thing our servuces brings to the table, and why?
Centralizing all media suppliers under one contract and one account manager working on generating the best results from each channel, site or format. It’s time and budget efficient.

4.What results have you seen because of our services?
Accounts being created, sales being done (aici nu am cifre, putem cere de la client dar au o politica destul de stricta in sensul asta, nu comunica CPL/ CPA etc si noi vedem in ad-server doar numarul de click-uri pe invite link, poate e de ajuns sa comunicam doar asta…)

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Strada Panait Istrati nr. 55,
Sectorul 1, București, România